2015 Dirk’s Heroes Celebrity Baseball Game

I made it to Dirk’s Heroes Celebrity Baseball Game for the first time.  It was perfect baseball weather, not only for the players but also for the crowd.  I loved every moment of it and I have a few suggestions, which will make this event even more memorable next year.

1) There should be equal baseball talent on both sides.  This year, the away Blue Sox team was overly-dominant and competitive.  The beloved White Sox team lost the game by the 2nd innings.  Evenly matched teams and a close ballgame would have kept the crowd in it till the end.

2) The game was sold out this year, so maybe next year, the game can be played at the Texas Rangers Ball Park in Arlington.  This will help raise more money for the good cause as the ball park in Arlington has larger seating capacity.

3) Adding a concert and letting some local bands play after the game or before the game will be a great way to give exposure to local talent and the crowd will also be entertained.

I took a lot of pictures and videos, but these are some of my favorite sights and sounds of the game.

1) Dirk takes a swing at a pitch

2) Michael Young waiting his turn at bat

3) Dez Bryant in action

4) Coach Carlisle walked away today with Dez’s patented “X” mark

5) Coach Carlisle testing his drumming skills

6) Steve Nash had a great game (Wish he retired a MAV)

7) Devin Harris showing off his baseball skills

8) Nick Van Exel warming up

nick van exel 1

For video clips to the game, please visit my twitter page @raj_manjrekar

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