Undervalued players in the 1st round of 2015 NBA Draft

I think of value of a player in terms of how he fits with the team who drafted him, where he could have been drafted, his projected minutes and contributions to the team in the upcoming rookie year. 

In the 1st round of the 2015 NBA Draft, the following players are undervalued

1) Justice Winslow ( Picked # 10 by Miami Heat)

  • NBA game resembles: Michael Beasley and Ron Artest
  • Teams picking in top 10 didnt do “justice” to Winslow’s talent. He could have been picked in top 5
  • NBA ready physique.  Tough defender and can guard various positions.  Attacking on offense
  • Can finish at the rim with either hand.  Deadly in open court on fast-breaks.
  • Needs to improve his free-throw shooting.  Only a sub par 61%.  
  • On an injury-plagued Miami Heat team, he should receiving playing time to develop his game.

2) Sam Dekker ( Picked # 18 by Houston Rockets)

  • NBA game resembles: Keith Van Horn and Jamal Crawford
  • He is the most undervalued player in the first round.  He could have been picked in top 10.
  • He can do it all on offense.  He can beat you off the dribble.   He can post you up and score in the paint.  Moves very well without the ball. Excellent shooter.  Helps to spread the floor.  
  • He needs to bulk up to be able to play 82 games and playoff games during the NBA season as Rockets will make a deep run in the playoffs.  He needs to improve on defense.
  • In his rookie year, he will get minutes off the bench backing up Trevor Ariza and Josh Smith at the 2 and 3 spot.  He will be part of a very deep Rockets bench and can provide instant offense off the bench.

3) Ronde Hollis Jefferson ( Picked # 23 by Brooklyn Nets)

  • NBA game resembles: Scottie Pippen and Shawn Marion
  • He can guard just about any position on the floor.  He plays lock-down defense.  He does a great job of switching on defense and keeping his defensive assignment in front of him. He wrecks havoc on defense
  • He is a one dimensional player right now coming out of college and needs to learn NBA style offenses.  He needs to improve as a shooter.  He is excellent at scoring in the paint.  He rebounds the ball well.
  • He knows his limitations and does not attempt too many 3 pointers.  Plays within his strengths. 
  • His defense will get him minutes off the bench.  He needs to develop his game when he gets the opportunity to be on the floor.

4) Tyus Jones ( Picked # 24 by Minnesota Timberwolves)

  • NBA game resembles: Kyle Lowry and Darren Collison
  • He is a winner.  He has won at every level.  He was one of the main reasons why Duke won the national championship.  He has a pedigree of winning and that trend will continue in the NBA
  • He is an all round player on offense and defense.  He is listed at 6’1″, if he was 6’3″ or taller, he would have been the first PG selected in this draft.  Lack of size is his only weakness.
  • He is a much improved shooter.  He sees the floor well.  He sets up his teammates.  He displays high- level leadership qualities.  Tyus is a clutch player.  He scored when Duke needed buckets or came up with a key defensive stop in an important possession.
  • He should replace Ricky Rubio as the starting point guard by end of the season.

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