DeAndre Jordan’s choice: Mavs or Clips?

Here are some Pros and Cons for DeAndre Jordan if he picks Mavs or the Clips

If DeAndre Jordan picks the Mavs


  • You inherit the team from Dirk.  Mavs will be known as DJ’s team
  • Change of scenery, chance to start over again.  New system, new coach and new teammates
  • Part of new young core that takes the Mavs forward in the next 4 years
  • Could be part of a championship team depending on the pieces the Mavs bring in to surround DJ on the team
  • No state tax and closer to home.


  • You can call it whatever you want, but Mavs are in rebuilding mode.  They are far from competing against the West’s top 3 even with the addition of DJ and Matthews.
  • DJ’s high percentage shots are a result of defenders guarding Griffin and Paul.  DJ is most productive when he is surrounded by superstar talent.  Mavs don’t have superstar talent yet.
  • The alley oops, dunks, layups, second chance opportunities are created partly because of Griffin and Paul’s presence in the paint and the deep threat posed by Redick and Crawford. DJ will struggle to achieve the same type of numbers on the Mavs.

If DeAndre Jordan picks the Clippers


  • DJ is part of a nucleus of superstar talent that have created one of the lethal unguardable trio in the NBA
  • This is DJs best opportunity to win now
  • Take advantage of the salary cap increasing in couple of years time.  DJ can sign a 1 to 2 yr deal with the Clips and give this team another shot at the title with the addition of Paul Pierce and Lance Stephenson
  • Its LA.  DJ can get more endorsement deals. He can increase his earning potential in LA


  • DJ has some chemistry and power issues with Paul and Griffin that need to be resolved before he decides to come back
  • DJ needs a bigger role in the system and wants to be credited for his work in winning the championship, while Paul and Griffin steal the spotlight

Final Analysis

If DJ picks Mavs and spurns the Clippers, Mavs could finish around 6th seed at the best.  Clippers without DJ will definitely fall in the seeding from 3 to 6, but they still will be around where Mavs will finish.

If DJ picks Clippers and reverses his decision to join the Mavs, DJ can win the title this year with the Clippers.  If Mavs lose DJ, they will not make the playoffs.

 When you compare the impact of adding DJ to both teams, it is apparent that Clippers are strong suitors for DJ if he wants to win now and keep his differences aside with his teammates for the sake of winning.  If he joins the Mavs, he might be a key piece on a contending team, 2 years down the line.