2016 NBA Draft TOP 10 Prospects

My list of TOP 10 is based off of numerical, statistical and qualitative(game) predictor model.  I am sure there will be difference of analysis with other TOP 10 lists out there, but the only thing to do is: Wait and watch and see how the season plays out.

Ranking Raj Manjrekar (RM)

TOP 10 prospects

 RM Index NBA Comparison
1 Ben Simmons  99.1 Magic Johnson
2 Kris Dunn  94.5 Damian Lillard
3 Buddy Hield  92.5 Ray Allen
4 Wade Baldwin  90.9 Russell Westbrook
5 Brice Johnson  90.2 Shawn Marion
6 Brandon Ingram  90.1 Darius Miles
7 Gary Payton II  90.0 Nick Van Exel
8 Domantas Sabonis  89.8 Donatas Motiejunas
9 Isaiah Whitehead  89.7 Emmanuel Mudiay
10 Damian Jones  89.6 DeAndre Jordan

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