Brandon Clarke 2019 NBA Draft analysis

Brandon Clarke is an athletically gifted power forward. He is a bit undersized to play the power forward position at 6’8”. He can play both 3 and the 4 position. He may even be able to play the 5 position at the NBA level.  Clarke and Hachimura were the 2 pillars offensively and defensively at Gonzaga. I rate Clarke ahead of Hachimura because he is a much better defensive player than Hachimura. He shoots a very high FG% as he scores mainly in the paint area. He is one of the best shot-blockers in college basketball, averaging 3.2 bpg. That level of rim protection will make him a great pick for any team who needs interior defensive help and rebounding help. Clarke should be selected in the pick 6-11 range. If he falls out of top 10 picks, then he will definitely be a steal for any team picking him. Clarke’s game resembles John Collins of the Atlanta Hawks. Few things that may keep Clarke from achieving success at the pro level are:

1)   Shot creating ability: Brandon Clarke struggles to create his own shot. He depends on dunks, layups and putbacks to score his points. To be successful in the NBA, he will have to work hard to develop a post game. He also needs to work on his outside jumper to stretch the floor. Once he adds a consistent post game and a dependable outside jumper to his repertoire, he will become a more prolific scorer in the NBA.

2)   Free-throw shooting: Clarke averages about 4.2 FTA per game. He only shoots 69.4% at the line. He needs to improve his FT% to 75-80% range. It will create more easy scoring opportunities for him.

3) Passing ability: Clarke averages about 1.9apg. As a power forward, he can definitely improve to 4-5 apg mark. As he learns to create more on his own, he will face double teams and he will have to learn to make that extra pass.


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