DeAndre Hunter 2019 NBA Draft Analysis

Deandre’s evaluation shows a low personal score but he grades higher on team impact areas. Therefore, Deandre is a role player, whose specialty is hitting the 3s and playing good defense. He can be a starter on a weak team, but will be a strong bench player for a contending team. Deandre will struggle to create shots on his own in the NBA and will depend on the offensive schemes and play calling to get open looks. Deandre should be picked between 6 through 11 range in the first round.  Few things that may keep Deandre from achieving success at the pro level are:

1)   Shot creator: Deandre is not good at dribble penetration. He struggles beating his defender off the dribble.

2)   Ability to pass the ball: Deandre needs to improve his passing ability. As a role player, he has to be willing to make the extra pass to create an easier scoring opportunity for his teammates.

3)   Lack of shots: Deandre is a very good jump-shooter and shoots a very high percentage from all around the floor as well as at the free throw line. He does not take enough shots, therefore he is not utilizing his strongest asset, which is his jump-shooting ability.

4) Low Impact: Since Deandre does not take enough shots at the basket, his contribution therefore has to come from the defensive end of the floor. He will have a much higher impact on the game if he also contributes on the offensive side of the ball.


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