Goga Bitadze 2019 NBA Draft analysis

Goga Bitadze has great size for a center at 7’0” and 246 lbs. Goga is a good shot blocker and is an interior defensive presence. He is also offensively gifted similar to many other European big men who have exhibited that trait. Goga is excellent at creating his shot and is aggressive going to the rim as he gets put on the free throw line 5.9 times per game. Goga has the potential to become a TOP 10 center in the league. Goga’s game is a good mix of Nikola Jokic and Enes Kanter.  Goga should be picked in the #5-10 range in the first round. Few things that may keep Goga from achieving success at the pro level are:

1)   Scoring: It is customary for European players to average less than the college basketball and NBA players. Goga scored 14.2 ppg in European league matches in 49 games. Once in the NBA, Goga should increase his point production in 15-20 ppg.

2)   Free-throw shooting: Goga averages about 5.9 FTA per game. He only shoots 67.9% at the line. He needs to improve his FT% to 75-80% range. It will create more easy scoring opportunities for him.

3)   Passing ability: Goga averages about 1 apg. Most European big men are gifted at passing the ball. This is a trait that Goga needs to develop more in order to help out his teammates.

4) Rebounding: Goga averages 6.3 rpg. Goga needs to improve to 8-10 rpg. He needs to do a better job of protecting the paint and not allow other players 2nd chance opportunities.


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