Nickeil Alexander Walker 2019 NBA Draft Analysis

Nickeil has a versatile game. He is one of the leaders in steals at his position at 1.9 spg. In addition to playing good defense, Nickeil also is an excellent shooter. He shoots a very high FG% at 47.4%, 3P% at 37.4% and free throw shooting at 77.8%. He is an efficient scorer. He is a good team player. Nickeil is one of the good 2 way players in this draft. He is a competent player; both offensively and defensively. Nickeil should be drafted in the 9-14 range in the draft. Nickeil will be a good pick for the Washington Wizards at #9, especially given the situation that the Wizards may trade Bradley Beal to another team. Nickeil can step right into the shooting guard position and impact the Wizards immediately. He will be a perfect substitute for Beal. Nickeil’s game resembles Shai Gilgeous Alexander’s game in the NBA.  Nickeil can develop into a full time starter for a team in the NBA if he can improve on the following things:

1)   Passing ability: Nickeil assist numbers are low. He averages 4 apg. He likes to shoot the ball and need to develop his passing skills too.

2)   Shot creation: Nickeil is not a good shot creator and he struggles to dribble penetrate. Most of his scoring comes from jumpshots. He is good at getting separation from his defenders so he can get his shot off. Nickeil needs to work on moves to get by his defender.

3) Scoring: He does most of his scoring from jumpshots. If he can develop his game so he can score in the post, then it will create more scoring opportunities for him.


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