RJ Barrett 2019 NBA Draft Analysis

RJ Barrett is an explosive scorer and will be selected to multiple All-Star and All NBA teams in years to come.  RJ Barrett is better suited to a system like Houston Rockets where they play more of 1 on 1 isolation ball. RJ may not be as effective in a Golden State type of system where passing the ball to create better shots for teammates takes precedence. RJ is gifted scorer like James Harden or Russell Westbrook but his ball domination may negatively impact the overall performance of the team. Few things that may keep him from achieving great success are:

1)   Mid range game and 3 point shooting: RJ needs to improve his 3-point shooting. 30.8% on 6.2 3PT attempts per game is low for a shooting guard. His high FG% is mainly because of the scoring in the paint. He needs to improve his mid-range jumpshot. Shot selection also needs to improve. RJ needs to understand that it is better to make the extra pass than take a heavily contested jumpshot.

2)   Free throw shooting:  RJ makes it to the free throw line 5.9 times per game. He only shoots 66.5% from the free throw line. This is a huge liability if one of the best players on the team cannot be on the floor in end of game pressure situations.

3)   Passing ability: RJ is not a willing passer of the ball. He likes to make plays with the ball in his hands. He has to stop over-relying on isolation plays and be open to playing team ball. He should use his dribble penetration to create easy shots for his teammates.

4)   Ball handling skills: RJ should take better care of the ball and reduce his turnovers from 3.2 per game.

5)  Perimeter defense: RJ needs to play the passing lanes better and can also improve on 1 on 1 defense, which will lead to more steals


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