Rui Hachimura 2019 NBA Draft analysis

Rui is a high IQ basketball player. He is one of the best power forwards in this draft. He can play both the 3 and 4 position. Rui is adept at creating his own shot and shoots a good FG%. He is also good from the free-throw line. He shoots a good 3 point % but has not taken enough 3s to evaluate him in that area. He averages only 1 three per game. He possesses good athletic aptitude. He aggressively attacks the rim as he averages about 6 FT attempts per game. Rui should be selected in the pick 7-12 range. Rui’s style of play resembles Giannis Antetokounmpo in his initial years in the league. Rui also needs to work on his game like Giannis to become a star player. Few things that may keep Rui from achieving success at the pro level are:

1)   Passing ability: Rui needs to work on this area of his game. He needs to be able to find open teammates and work his way through a double team. He should work towards making his teammates better.

2)   Rebounding: Rui averages about 6.5 rpg. For his size, his rebounding numbers need to be higher. He should be pulling down 8-10 rpg.

3) Shot blocking: Rui is not a good shot blocker for his size. He averages 0.7 bpg, which is below average for a power forward. He needs to enforce his presence in the paint and block more shots. He played alongside Brandon Clark who is an elite shot blocker. This may be a reason why Rui’s shot blocking numbers may improve in the NBA as he is entrusted with a bigger role on the defensive end.


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