Zion Williamson 2019 NBA Draft Analysis

Zion is a generational talent with a high ceiling.  His game and physique transfers very well to the NBA.  He will be the future of the Pelicans franchise. Pelicans may have to move Julius Randle because Zion & Julius both have similar playing styles and it will impede with Zion’s growth. Few things that may keep Zion from achieving great success at the pro level are:

1)   Weight management: Zion weighs in at 280 lbs for 6’6” frame. Even though he is more muscle than blubber, he should trim his weight down to 250-260lbs range. 82 game season plus the playoffs can be grueling on any body type and Zion will have to maintain and watch his weight throughout his career to avoid injuries.

2)   Outside jumper: Zion can attack his defenders off the dribble and he has a lot of moves in the post he can utilize to get by his defender. But to really elevate his game to the next level and not be one dimensional, Zion needs to develop a consistent outside jumpshot. If he can stretch his jumpshot to the 3-point line, it will make him even more formidable. Defenders will have to respect his scoring ability from anywhere on the floor.

3)   Free throw shooting: Zion gets to the free throw line, 6.2 times a game. He only shoots 64% from the line. He needs to improve it to 75% plus region. At 64%, he is a liability in end of game situations

4)   Passing ability: In the NBA, he will be facing double teams on a regular basis. What makes LeBron great is that he makes his teammates better. That happens because of LeBron’s ability to distribute the ball. Zion needs to add this component to his game.

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