What can I offer to your team?

I would love the opportunity to work for your NBA team and be part of a winning tradition.  I will utilize my analytical and scouting skills to create a championship contender. I will:

  1. Provide support to you and the coaching staff in building a championship contending team.
  2. Scout for talent at all levels of college and pros year-round for your team.
  3. Create / provide input on the draft and free agency strategies. I can be part of the draft room and provide real-time support in picking best available talent as teams pick players ahead your team’s picks.
  4. Provide scouting reports to each of the players once training camp begins. I will actively work with developing players throughout the season to improve on their strengths and reduce weaknesses in their game. I can work with them over the offseason to eliminate kinks in their game.
  5. Assist the coaching staff in getting the players ready for playoffs by providing one on one match-ups against teams during the playoffs. This intel will give our players a distinct advantage over the opponents to win the series.
  6. Shortlist a group of 8 to 10 undrafted players for your Summer league team once the NBA draft is completed.  These players can then be further developed to become contributors on the regular team or could be used as trade assets.
  7. Put together a list of top free agents based on my player score indexes, who will be a good fit for your team.
  8. Provide value to your team through my work, which is ,” To research, scout,  analyze and discover undervalued talent at all levels”.

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