Goga Bitadze 2019 NBA Draft analysis

Goga Bitadze has great size for a center at 7’0” and 246 lbs. Goga is a good shot blocker and is an interior defensive presence. He is also offensively gifted similar to many other European big men who have exhibited that trait. Goga is excellent at creating his shot and is aggressive going to the rim as he gets put on the free throw line 5.9 times per game. Goga has the potential to become a TOP 10 center in the league. Goga’s game is a good mix of Nikola Jokic and Enes Kanter.  Goga should be picked in the #5-10 range in the first round. Few things that may keep Goga from achieving success at the pro level are:

1)   Scoring: It is customary for European players to average less than the college basketball and NBA players. Goga scored 14.2 ppg in European league matches in 49 games. Once in the NBA, Goga should increase his point production in 15-20 ppg.

2)   Free-throw shooting: Goga averages about 5.9 FTA per game. He only shoots 67.9% at the line. He needs to improve his FT% to 75-80% range. It will create more easy scoring opportunities for him.

3)   Passing ability: Goga averages about 1 apg. Most European big men are gifted at passing the ball. This is a trait that Goga needs to develop more in order to help out his teammates.

4) Rebounding: Goga averages 6.3 rpg. Goga needs to improve to 8-10 rpg. He needs to do a better job of protecting the paint and not allow other players 2nd chance opportunities.


2019 Undrafted Hidden Gems Report

Best available of 2019 Undrafted Players (By Raj Manjrekar)

 –       Greater than 1994 (Transcendent Player)

–       1879 to 1994 (All Star, All NBA team caliber player)

–       1785 to 1878 (Solid starter)

–       1680 to 1784 (Potential Starter)

–       1575 to 1679 (Role player, mostly off the bench)

–       Less than 1575 (Bench Player)

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Jarrett Culver 2019 NBA Draft Analysis

Jarrett Culver is an all around player. He shoots a high FG%, defends and generates high steals. He is one of the best 2 way players available in this draft. He was monumental in the Texas Tech NCAA tournament run till the finals. He has an NBA ready game. He does lot of things at a high level. Culver will be an All Star caliber player and a solid starter on a team. Culver should be picked in the 4-8 range of 2019 NBA draft. He will be a great fit with the Atlanta Hawks at #4 pick. His game resembles that of Jimmy Butler at the pro level. Few things that may keep Culver from achieving success at the pro level are:

1)   3 point shooting: Jarrett needs to improve his 3-point shooting. 30.4% on 4.2 three point attempts per game is low for a shooting guard. He should aim to get the 3P% closer to 40%.

2)   Free throw shooting:  Jarrett makes it to the free throw line 5.5 times per game. He shoots 70.7% from the free throw line. For a shooting guard, the FT% should be in the 80% plus range.

3)   Passing ability: Jarrett’s assist numbers are low. He averages 3.7 apg. He is not a willing passer of the ball. He likes to make plays with the ball in his hands. Jarrett is similar to RJ Barrett in this respect that they are both ball dominant.

4) Low team impact: Jarrett scores high on personal score but in areas related to overall team impact, he scores comparatively lower. This means that Jarrett may achieve good personal stats but the overall team may suffer.  Increasing his assist numbers, playing more efficiently on offense and shot selection are some of the areas that need improvement. This will help in achieving team-oriented goals.


RJ Barrett 2019 NBA Draft Analysis

RJ Barrett is an explosive scorer and will be selected to multiple All-Star and All NBA teams in years to come.  RJ Barrett is better suited to a system like Houston Rockets where they play more of 1 on 1 isolation ball. RJ may not be as effective in a Golden State type of system where passing the ball to create better shots for teammates takes precedence. RJ is gifted scorer like James Harden or Russell Westbrook but his ball domination may negatively impact the overall performance of the team. Few things that may keep him from achieving great success are:

1)   Mid range game and 3 point shooting: RJ needs to improve his 3-point shooting. 30.8% on 6.2 3PT attempts per game is low for a shooting guard. His high FG% is mainly because of the scoring in the paint. He needs to improve his mid-range jumpshot. Shot selection also needs to improve. RJ needs to understand that it is better to make the extra pass than take a heavily contested jumpshot.

2)   Free throw shooting:  RJ makes it to the free throw line 5.9 times per game. He only shoots 66.5% from the free throw line. This is a huge liability if one of the best players on the team cannot be on the floor in end of game pressure situations.

3)   Passing ability: RJ is not a willing passer of the ball. He likes to make plays with the ball in his hands. He has to stop over-relying on isolation plays and be open to playing team ball. He should use his dribble penetration to create easy shots for his teammates.

4)   Ball handling skills: RJ should take better care of the ball and reduce his turnovers from 3.2 per game.

5)  Perimeter defense: RJ needs to play the passing lanes better and can also improve on 1 on 1 defense, which will lead to more steals


Ja Morant 2019 NBA Draft Analysis

Ja Morant will be one of the top 5 PG in the NBA in 3 to 5 years’ period. He is a generational talent. Ja does not have many weaknesses and his overall game translates very well to the NBA. He is the only player this season in NCAA to average 20 plus points and 10 apg. He is the safest of the projected top 3 picks in this year’s draft.  Few things that may keep Ja Morant from achieving great success at the pro level are:

1)   Injury Concerns: Ja Morant will undergo a minor knee surgery. Team doctors who will evaluate Morant will be in the best position to determine if this surgery will have any long term effects on Ja Morant’s game and athleticism.

2)   3 point shooting: Ja shoots a decent 36.3% from 3-point range. If Ja can improve his 3-point shooting percentage to above 40%, that will put him in elite company

3)   Free throw shooting:  Ja already shoots at a very good 81.3% from the free throw line. But if he can improve his free throw shooting to 85% plus range, it will make him more dependable in pressure situations and create easy scoring opportunities for him as he is already a gifted shot creator and has a very aggressive game.

4)   Ball handling: Ja has to minimize turnovers. 5.2 topg is too high for the NBA. He will work with the Grizzlies coaching staff to get that area of his game rectified.

5) Jumpshot: Ja will have to work with his shooting coach to rectify his release point on his jumpshot. Overall he shoots the ball very well.




Zion Williamson 2019 NBA Draft Analysis

Zion is a generational talent with a high ceiling.  His game and physique transfers very well to the NBA.  He will be the future of the Pelicans franchise. Pelicans may have to move Julius Randle because Zion & Julius both have similar playing styles and it will impede with Zion’s growth. Few things that may keep Zion from achieving great success at the pro level are:

1)   Weight management: Zion weighs in at 280 lbs for 6’6” frame. Even though he is more muscle than blubber, he should trim his weight down to 250-260lbs range. 82 game season plus the playoffs can be grueling on any body type and Zion will have to maintain and watch his weight throughout his career to avoid injuries.

2)   Outside jumper: Zion can attack his defenders off the dribble and he has a lot of moves in the post he can utilize to get by his defender. But to really elevate his game to the next level and not be one dimensional, Zion needs to develop a consistent outside jumpshot. If he can stretch his jumpshot to the 3-point line, it will make him even more formidable. Defenders will have to respect his scoring ability from anywhere on the floor.

3)   Free throw shooting: Zion gets to the free throw line, 6.2 times a game. He only shoots 64% from the line. He needs to improve it to 75% plus region. At 64%, he is a liability in end of game situations

4)   Passing ability: In the NBA, he will be facing double teams on a regular basis. What makes LeBron great is that he makes his teammates better. That happens because of LeBron’s ability to distribute the ball. Zion needs to add this component to his game.